About Us

When we talk to students/teachers/parents, we heard their sufferings. So books24bd helps to reduces your sufferings.

  • Ø     Incredible traffic jam: Most of the book stores/Stationaries are basically in traffic areas and   it is too hard to move from one place to others at Dhaka city.  Books24bd is giving service at your door steps to make your convenience.
  • Ø  Saving time and money:  If you wish to buy a book or anything you need to go the market in person and when you go there you have to search your required book in several shops to fix that one with your expected quality and price which is a very complicated method. This required several hours instead that we giving you this service smoothly clicking on our website which required several seconds.   Sometimes the shop keeper made more profit if he thinks you don’t know the price since there is no bookshop with fixed price. Most of the case students send their driver   to avoid sufferings and time consumptions; in that case there is a chance to pick the wrong one with low quality with more prices.  

On the other hand Books24bd is giving you price list with several variations so that you can compare the price so that you can buy in low cost also providing this service at your door step to give you comfort.

  • Ø  In our website we added several things such as Books with subject code for CIE and Edexcel which helps students to find there required one easily. School pack is more helpful for students, teachers and schools. A new school can know the book list of other renowned schools which helps them to make sure the comprehensive book list for their students.
  • Ø  If a books or anything is not available in our website you can send us your request with necessary information. We always try our best to meet your requirements as soon as possible. 

  • Ø  Adding question papers and mark schemes with subject code makes the website unique from others which is an effort to meet your demand.